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Friends Analysis

Marnanel once provided a page (I believe it was called Kelvin? ...not Joule) that showed the differences in friends/friend-of's of a given user. Unfortunately the page disappeared a while ago and hasn't come back.

So I've rewritten the gist of it. -- It doesn't do anything that the standard LJ client can't do, but it's still handy if you haven't got a client open or if you want to view the details of someone other than yourself.

LJ username:
  • It just basically parses /misc/fdata.bml?user=username
  • Community/Syndicated/News accounts are not included, only actual people. (This is not by design but I like it like that)
  • Links are generated by innerHTML (non-standard JavaScript) so those without innerHTML-enabled browsers wont have linkified usernames, I'm afraid.
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