Rev. George (revgeorge) wrote in lj_nifty,
Rev. George


LiveJournal now supports FOAF, which stands for Friend of a Friend. Your userinfo is turned into a machine-readable file that is kept at This can be used for a lot of nifty things, like adding your LJ friends to the Friendster-clone of the week. There are some interesting sites right now that support FOAF, like the FoaF Explorer (example using my account). There are sites like Plink and People Aggregator that can use you LJ account to introduce you to other people.

Not only that, but since FOAF is an open format, people can develop new tools that use your LJ friends list, like as part of a spam filter or a way to find lost friends. More ideas are on the FOAF Wiki and you can learn more about FOAF at or ljfoaf
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