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Blogbinders & Co

Blogbinders: print a book of your journals

We're excited to publicly announce Blogbinders - turn your LiveJournal into a printed book!

Our system downloads your journal content (including support for security modes and MD5 passwords), customizing your book, printing and delivery of your book. Our site will generate a PDF proof for approval before ordering.

  • Support for 3 binding styles (perfect, wire-o or saddle stitch)

  • Support for 5 book sizes from paperback to letter size

  • Custom covers

  • Dynamic table of contents

  • Choice of font styles

  • Write your own title, author, introduction, epilogue

  • Chapter separators, headers, and page numbers

  • Optionally include current moods and music for each entry

  • Sell these books to your readers via a direct purchase link

blogbinders, Matt & Jen

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