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LJBook turned your LJ into a PDF Book/Archive for free. It was fun! :)

This service aims at providing a free LJBook to everyone. It has been publicly announced 2 weeks ago on this community.

Thanks to more than 90 donators (I would like to thank them publicly - some are listed here) LJBook is now hosted on a dedicated server.

Thus the free service has been extended and improved.
    - include entries from 1999 to 2004
    - include pictures
    - select one of the 9 fonts available
    - include mood and security level
    - include current music in entries
    - PDF Links (in ToC and for HyperText links in entries)
    - filter entries (Public, Friends, Private) (so you can make available an public archive of your LJ)
    - paper sizes: A4(1), US Letter(2), 6in x 9in (for, 7.5inx9.25in (for CafePress)

LJBook (SSL/Secure)

Due to issues giving your login/password to an off-site, I HIGHLY recommend to change your password before and after using LJBook!

A community has been setup for news & questions: gads_ljbook. Feel free to join if you want to keep in touch with this young service.

Service provided to donators:
    - include raw pictures (not resized) (not provided to everyone due to bandwidth issue)
    - include phone posts

(1) European standard for paper.
(2) US standard
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