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Bloglet.com: Entry Notifications

That's right! You can now get an email everytime a LiveJournal user updates, thanks to Bloglet.com and LJ's RSS feeds!

Adding your LiveJournal to Bloglet is simple:

  1. Join Bloglet.com

  2. After joining, you will be presented with a form. Simply enter the following information:

    • weblog title: whatever your heart desires

    • weblog url: http://www.livejournal.com/users/username

    • server: http://www.livejournal.com/users/username/data/rss

    • weblog type: RSS

      weblog id, username, and password should all be left blank.

      If "enabled" is not checked, your email list will be disabled.

      Choosing "hide this blog" will make it so your email list is not publically listed.

  3. After you submit, copy and paste the form to your LiveJournal or add it to your LiveJournal Style for people to start getting your entries via email!

Note: Bloglet emails are sent once per day, between 12am and 6am EST. An email consists of all subscriptions for that user (much like Xanga does).

Enter your email address below to subscribe to Jackola.net!

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I hope you find this to be as nifty as I do!


While this was posted back in March '03, the instructions are no longer valid.

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