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LJ Find/Replace

I just finished off a Java utility to run a global find/replace across all of your entries. It functions much like HideJournal. I built it on the livejournal XML-RPC using the Apache XML RPC library. I found it handy for fixing a slew of old image URLs that had needed to update with time. If there is any interest I can post the source and build a binary distribution with the Apache library compiled into it.

--- Update ----
OK, the source/binary are available here. Right now, this is a command line Java application (which means much hassle for the less technically savvy). Also, you will need the Apache xmlrpc library (available here). I'm going to keep working on this, so let me know what you think.

For the less tech-savvy users: I am building a graphical interface that runs inside of a webpage to do away with installation hassles and command line.

So, once you've got the files downloaded, you can run it like this:
java LJReplace [username] [password] [search expression] [replacement]
The search expression can be a plain phrase or a regular expression.
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