Melissa (asciident) wrote in lj_nifty,

Contribute to an O'Reilly Book: Weblog Hacks Wanted!

Ever wanted to contribute to a technical book and see your name in lights (well, print anyway)? Now's your chance.

Ben Hammersley, bhammersley, wants your help! Ben has been asked by O'Reilly, arguably the biggest and best technical book publisher in the world, to write Weblog Hacks. Being new to LiveJournal, Ben doesn't quite yet have a good grasp on all the tips, tricks, and hacks all of you know about for LiveJournal-based sites.

Full info can be found at Ben's site, here.

Important info to know: he's looking for anyone who wants to contribute a cool trick, technique, hack, or nifty thing for LiveJournal to the book. There's no money, but you'll get full credit, and your name, URL, and a little bio at the end of the book. Fame and Glory! They'll also be doing exclusive "Contributor" badges for those that participate.

Info is available there to contact Ben directly, and I'll also be making sure he sees this post, since he asked me to make it!

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