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the fastest way to jump directly into someone's livejournal ever!

okay, I expect them's fighting words, but here's something nifty that resembles those Opera/IE shortcuts.

(incidentally, I'm honored to have my submissions committed to memories, but I would think this might warrant its own category - it took me several guesses to look in development/code. perhaps "lj browsing" or "lj shortcuts"?)

using this method:

DISCLAIMER: I'm not sure this works in Win95; as I recall, not all versions of 95 included START.EXE.

DISCLAIMER THAT GOES WITHOUT SAYING: you break it, you bought it. :) read this whole msg before trying anything.

using something like Notepad or edit, create the following two files which contain only one line in each:



just place each of those lines in a file with those names, and save to a folder such as C:\BATCH. then add C:\BATCH to your system's PATH list.

how you do this:

in Win 95/98/ME, click Start, Run, and type "sysedit". go to the AUTOEXEC.BAT window and look for PATH. add C:\BATCH to the end of the PATH line, separating it from the previous items with a semicolon. example:


(note that upper vs lowercase doesn't matter)

if there isn't already a line that looks like that, you can add it at the bottom of AUTOEXEC.BAT:


in Win2K/XP, go to the Control Panel-System-Advanced-Environment Variables, and look in the bottom list for PATH. click Edit, and as above, add a semicolon followed by C:\BATCH.

having done this, mine looks like:


this done, you should be able to type Start, Run, and then "lj blahblah" or "lji blahblah" (not that blahblah ever posts much).

you may have to restart your computer first.

in Win95/98/ME, you might notice a black DOS window that appears every time you do this and doesn't disappear again.

to make this go away, go to C:\BATCH and right-click each of your new files, choose Properties, and choose "close on exit". this will create a .pif shortcut for each file that instructs it to close.

you might also choose "run minimized" in there while you're at it, so the DOS window won't even appear in the first place.

and thus, in Windows, I can click Start, Run, and then type lj boymaenad to get to my journal, or lji boymaenad to get to my userinfo. I consider this yet another step closer to slamming livejournal directly into my veins. (and yes, it works on other journals besides mine. ;) )

it will start your default browser, or open the page in your browser if it's already running.

EDIT: the keyboard equivalent for Start, Run is to press the Microsoft Windows key (ech) and then press R. if you don't have a MSWindows key, use Ctrl+Esc.
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