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Re: registry hack for IE

FWIW, my very favorite browser in the world, Opera, has a menu option to make up things like this by hand, no registry editing involved.

[ edit: the "menu option" turned out not to be the way to do this. see my followup post. ]

plus it's WAY faster and more reliable for reading LJ, in my experience. it will pull pages that IE and Netscape balk at, and display them quickly.

plus you can ctrl+shift+click a link and it will open in a new window *behind* the active window.

I scroll through my friends page and open all the comment pages in new windows in the background, then read & close them one by one.

highly recommended. highly enough that I think it qualifies for its own Nifty post.

boymaenad is not affiliated in any way with Opera or the people who make it, but would be their love-slave were they only to ask.

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