November 22nd, 2008

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I don't like the new profile page even one bit, so I wrote a script to reset it.  So far as I've tested, it works in all five LJ themes, using Firefox 3 on Windows Vista and XP.

Plus, fun of funs, you get to comment out things you don't care about seeing (like schools or virtual gifts).

(Userpic overlap is a known thing - I need to study up a bit on table structuring in order to fix it.)

Install and enjoy!  Lemme know if something breaks!

[eta - 11/24] It's updated now to work with Firefox 2.0, as far as I can tell.  With many thanks to soph.  :)

[eta - 12/01] I got it to work with IE.  Aiee!  Go here if you're particularly daring.

[eta - 12/09] Probably checking the script page every few days would make more sense.  I've added language support!

[eta - 12/18] LJ changed the page again, so I updated my script again.  With thanks to galfridian for alerting me to their nefariousnessitude!

PS: Yall, I love scripting, and would not have made this public if I didn't like making this script better.  (Plus grr LJ.)  Also, I am a pickypants, and I have learned Javascript by cobbling things together.  So I encourage you to report errors and improvements, no matter how slight.  :)

If something is not working for you and you are in Firefox, please follow these steps:

* Go to Tools > Error Console.
* Hit the Clear button.
* In Firefox, with the script freshly installed (just in case), go to a profile that's failed for you.
* Once the page has fully loaded, go to the Error Console window and click the Errors button (located at the top).  You should see an error message show up in here, ideally - the link underneath should be a path to lj_profile_reset.user.js.  Select the error, right-click > Copy it, and post it as a new comment here.