December 14th, 2006

  • erorus

Greasemonkey Script brings back the old Update Journal Page

As you're probably well aware, there were a few changes made to LJ Wednesday, including a major overhaul of the Update Journal (and Edit Journal Entry) pages. More than a few users didn't like the new changes.

Behold, I have created a GM script to bring the old Update Journal back from the dead.

It's just javascript that moves the form elements around to where they used to be, more or less. I got the old layout from GreatestJournal. I encourage you to give the script a try, modify it, improve it, fix it, throw it away, whatever.

  • I built this all today, so it's not like there's a lot of testing done on it. I tried it on my journal, modified a post with it, and it seemed to work. (Edit: been using it the past few days, no problems.) I have not tested it thoroughly, though.
  • This may or may not work with community posts. Haven't really tried it. (This is the first one, I guess.)
  • This was tested and developed in Firefox with Greasemonkey on a Windows XP machine with 1280x1024 desktop resolution. If you don't run it like this, it may or may not be ugly. I tried to bring it back to the old layout which worked under most circumstances.
  • I tested more with new posts than updating old posts, so updating old posts may have more bugs than I saw.
  • If this sets your new private post to public or something, don't blame me. It really doesn't do much with the form values and should be quite portable, but TEST IT before you do anything sensitive with it. Disable Greasemonkey for sensitive posts if you want to be sure, until you know it works for you. (Edit: This really, really shouldn't be a problem.. just a disclaimer, is all.)

    Known Bugs
  • Sometimes the preview of your user picture icon ends up in the upper left corner of the page. Reload, and it may or may not go back to where it belongs. I can't reliably duplicate this to debug it. (Edit: Haven't seen this bug reappear in a while.)
  • When you set the security to "custom", the friends groups still have the old styling which moved them waaay over to the right. Untangling that list of checkboxes looked tedious and the current display doesn't bother me much, but it isn't exactly like it used to be.

I think it's good enough for daily use, even though it's not perfect. I also figure it's a good starting point for anyone who's really bothered by it to just finish it up to perfection instead of starting from scratch.

(Edit: I've fixed a few bugs since I asked this to be posted on lj_nifty five days ago. I've modified this post to reflect the changes.)
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