February 15th, 2006

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I've written a couple of scripts.

LJ Friend-Of Unhide (The actual script)

(This was first written back in November. I decided to post it here last month after seeing the other one. But on the same day, livejournal changed its cookie policies and format and my script broke.)
There are LJers who choose not to display their 'Friend Of' information on their user-info pages. This script restores that information.

For userinfo pages where this action is triggered, text '(hidden)' will be present below the Friend of/Also friend of label.

Known differences from regular Friend of/Also friend of lists:

1) No limit to the number of friend-ofs. No truncation of the list happens for big lists.
2) Even friend-ofs banned by the user appear in the list.
3) Deleted accounts do not appear in the list.

The data from fdata.bml can be stale for very small periods of time. This can cause discrepancies in what is displayed for a certain period after one adds or removes somebody as a friend.

The post on my journal

LJ Parent Quick-View (The actual script)

Provides an element "QV" next to a comment's "Parent" link that provides a quick-view of the parent comment. The parent comment is displayed when the left mouse button is pressed on the element and disappears when released. (Works only for comments that have their parent comment displayed on the same page). Doesn't work for most paid account customizations.

The post on my journal

ETA: That checkbox you selected to _hide_ your friend-of information is not a security option. It is just customization of your profile page to change its _look_. The information has always been available. If Livejournal wanted to give you a way to keep your friend-of information private they would have done that. They didn't. What they provided was a way to change the look of your profile page. This script does not expose information that wasn't already publicly available. (I wish I was smart enough to do something like that.)

Update: Bug for the LJ Friend-Of Unhide fixed. If you don't know whether or not you have the updated version, just install it again. Nothing will break.

Update (Feb 19, 2006): Updated to work with the Dystopia and Lynx schemes. (I thought the XColibur scheme was all there was. Thanks groovitude!) ETA: Another bug fix has gone in. So just install the new version even if you're using XColibur.

Update (Apr 29, 2006): Fix. Script broke because LJ’s XCalibur format changed. Fixed.