March 28th, 2005

  • teemus

LiveBrownie for LiveJournal...

How hot do you think [put an LJer's name here] is? Or for that matter, how trustworthy is good ol' [another LJer's name goes here] is? Is [LJ user X] cool? You a fan of [LJer Y], aren't ya? :>

The idea has been taken from Orkut's "FriendsKarma". Honestly, Orkut sucks. LiveJournal is the most fun community of 'em all.

Presenting LiveBrownie for LiveJournal, a platform where you can 'rate' your LJ friends (LOL), by giving them brownie points and enlisting yourself as their 'fan'. :D

Have fun!

Update: LiveBrownie got about 125,000+ hits in the last 36 hours, as a result of which my webhost has kicked me out due to very high CPU usage (30% with an increase in server load of 700%). So it's ./terminate for this project, as I try to find another webhost! Thank you people.
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