April 23rd, 2004

Fear!, Banana!

LJ Backup Tool - V1.0.2

Thanks to everyone for their useful feedback on the good and bad points of my program. I've re-written it slightly:

  • LiveJournal Browser is UTF-8 compliant (Yay!)

  • LiveJournal Browser displays poster correctly for communities

  • Option to process out <LJ> tags

  • Ability to download comments

It can still download your whole Journal and export it in XML, HTML or CSV format, but now it can download the comments attached to your journal as well. At the moment, comments can only be outputted in XML format, and cannot be searched. Downloaded comments are cached to save LiveJournal's bandwidth.

The on-line help file is available here;
And it can be downloaded here: http://ljbackup.yamnet.co.uk/

[Edit: 30/01/05] There is now a community - ljbackup_dev - which reports updates to this piece of software. It's currently up to 1.0.6.
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LJ Backup

This is another console application. Use this tool to backup your LJ posts. Posts are backed up as a RSS feed.

A Windows executable is available here. This again requires the file p2x561.dll.

LJBACKUP.EXE --user=<LJ username> --pwd=<password>
[--month1=<start month>] [--year1=<start year>]
[--month2=<end month>] [--year2=<end year>]
[--file=<file name>]
By default the tool will backup your posts for the current month only.

If you want a nice GUI, etc., you are better off using orona_red's tool.