March 2nd, 2003

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If you quote/link to webpages you like or find interesting a lot in your LJ.... Here is a usefull little browser toolbar icon for you shamelessly ripped from a simmilar toolbar feature that Blogger has.

What it does:
After you create the LJThis toolbar icon (instructions below), if you are on a webpage and click it, it will take you to a edit your journal page with a link to the page with the page title as the link text and subject of the entry, and if you have any text selected that text included in the entry.

How to get this LJThis toolbar Icon
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Email Subscriptions to your LJ

There is a nifty service out there called Bloglet which can be used to allow email subscriptions to your LiveJournal (if you have friends like I do who want to keep track of your LJ but for various reasons do not want even a free LJ account... silly people) :-)

If you go to and sign up and when prompted for type, etc... of you blog specify:

weblog type: RSS
of course substituting userid with your LJ userid
(this works only for Paid accounts BTW)... you will get an email list where you can allow it to post the entire contents of your posts to email.... (you can also restrict it to the first few words, the title, etc).

If you don't have a paid account you should be able to use but you will only get the titles.

What bloglet does is once a day goes out and culls the new posts and puts them all in a single email (One email a day.... yah). and sends them out. It also gives you a small web form you can include in your style to allow subscriptions.
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Search your LJ without killing the server! (and for more than 50 articles)

Hopefully this is ok, given that it is a standard search engine spider that runs once a week, I don't see why it would be a problem, but since I know the great LJ folks are out there reading LJ_NIFTY we will know if it is a problem soon enough ;)

so onward
What it is?
There is a free service out there called freefind that allows you to create search pages for your sites for free. It adds adds to the results page but you can completely template the results page so it looks like the rest of your journal and it works well and (hopefully) without much load on the system.

Where is it?

OK... how do I set it up so that it works and doesn't index all of my pages five hundred times?
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Ok... what is it doing, and what is that style anyway?
(technical details behind a lj-cut)
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What problems are there with it?
It only indexes public posts.
Some comments won't be indexed because of the collapsing comments feature in LJ... I don't know how to get around this w/o allowing freefind to index threads which would index comments many many times eating up your free-find limit... eg if a comment thread was as such
- Response
-- Response to response
The main comment would be indexed once, the response twice, and the response to the response three times, etc.
There are limits to the size of the website that freefind will index for free, look at the site for details.