January 19th, 2002

Maintaining lj_nifty

Hey everybody. For those of you who don't know, my actual name is Melissa and I'm in the running for becoming the new maintainer of this community. I'm aware some of you just don't care anymore and want us to get back to the topic at hand, the undocumented, soon to be documented or already documented but seldom known features of LiveJournal, and I'm with you on that. But since there are administrative things to be taken care of, allow me to post about why I think I'd be a good maintainer for the community.

I already volunteer a lot for LiveJournal; I'm a very active support volunteer, I'm helping with documentation, and I may even work on a client. I know a lot about LiveJournal that the average user doesn't, and I'm always willing to help people with problems. I don't let personal feelings about how things work or turn out get in the way of what I do, here or elsewhere. I try to keep a level of professionalism in the work I do for LiveJournal and I give people the respect they deserve. I spend a lot of time on LiveJournal, mainly because most of the school and work things I do involve a computer, so I have a lot of time to devote to working on things around here; should you choose me, I've got more than enough time to notice off-topic posts, flaming, and memory-worthy entries. It's certainly within my ability to kindly ask that off-topic posting be taken elsewhere, including where to point them to, and to stamp out flamewars.

I know several of you volunteered to help the new maintainer with anything that needs to be taken care of and I'd be glad to work with any of you; I'd also love to help the maintainer if terytaya or idigital is chosen. For those who've taken the time to read, thank you. Now go find more nifty things on LiveJournal!
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