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Well... I guess it's my turn now. My name's Aaron, and I would like to be the new maintainer of lj_nifty. I'm not the best person at writing these so-called "speeches", so I'll just get to the point(s).

I've been a LiveJournal member for a year and a half now. I have been a LiveJournal support volunteer for a whole year now, I've written patches for the odd FAQ, I've developed a couple of clients (for personal use - they haven't been released), I understand (some/most) of the inner workings of LiveJournal and I have a GoatHack account. Having been a part of LiveJournal for so long I feel like I know LiveJournal "like the back of my hand". Having poked my head round so many of LiveJournal's doors, I know a significant amount more about LiveJournal than the average user (as do asciident and terytaya). I spend a lot of time on LiveJournal (some might say too much... ;) so I have lots of time to devote to things here. All that remains is to say "good luck" to asciident and terytaya... so, uh... "good luck".
Oh, and one more thing: B0rk......inerp
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