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LJ for WebOS - a LiveJournal client for WebOS devices

I'm happy to announce that LJ for WebOS, the first LiveJournal client for WebOS devices (as far as I'm aware), is now available on the Palm App Catalog! Features include:
- viewing friends posts and your own posts
- commenting on posts
- making posts with custom security, tags, userpic
- uploading images to and including them in your posts
- caching posts for offline viewing

Here's the official Palm page. LJ for WebOS was formerly known as the homebrew app WebOSJournal. I'm more than happy to take feedback/feature requests. Thanks!
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thank you :)
Hope you like it :-)

Deleted comment

Hell yeah!
I have downloaded the app as it sounded like a nice upgrade to the direct web site for the phone. However, I am currently having issues with the program.

In a spot with full bar strength and EVDO coverage (along with being able to pull up LJ on the web browser), it tries to load and gets about fifth of the way on the status bar when it stops loading. I have tried reloading all posts, exiting and reloading the app and also rebooting the phone, but with no luck.
Hmm. So do you only see some of your friends posts, or is the entire list empty? Can you disable loading your own posts (in Preferences) and see if that fixes the problem?

Feel free to email me at the support address in the app's "About..." page and I'll see if I can track the problem down.
yay! thanks :)
gah, I take that back as its nowhere to be found in the appstore on my phone, and the official palm page that claims it will text you does absolutely zilch. I'm guessing this is yet another "only if you're in the US thing" :(

If its not and someone can point me to where I can get it in the uk that'd be great.
Sorry - it's a paid app, which means it's US-only for now. Palm has said they're planning on allowing paid apps in Europe in March and I'll definitely rush to get it published there as soon as I can!
Can you run homebrew apps? Drop me an email and we may be able to work out something...
As someone who has been watching a housemate try to develop for WebOS and swear at both it and the store a great deal: congratulations! That must've been an effort. I'm still clinging to my Palm Pre, but said housemate dev may try your client - thanks!
Thanks! Yeah, it was definitely a challenge and I've been working on it in my spare time for a few months now...