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LJ Username and Interest Search - Just Like Mom Used to Make!

Sick of the new search engine? Firefox has your back.

Go here.

Click on "Livejournal Interest" (for interests) and "Livejournal User Info Search" (for usernames).

This will install those two features as Firefox search engines.

To use: go to the search engine box on Firefox -- it's in the upper right-hand corner -- and select either the LJ pencil (for interests) or the head-and-shoulders person icon (for usernames). Type it in, hit return, and watch the results pop up just like they're supposed to.

Posted here by suggestion of foxfirefey on the latest news post. I didn't make either of these engines; I just found them through the magic of Mycroft.

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Awesome! Definitely have to try this when I get home!
Ooh, wonderful!

I hadn't seen the announcement about the new search; hadn't tried it until I saw this. Yuck. It uses word stemming and there's no way to turn it off.

I can't figure out why anyone would need to search for a username (I just put into the address bar & see if it's an active account), but searching by interests is *useful.* Thanks for posting this!
that's funny, I search for usernames all the time and always think "ugh why do they put "interests" first, who would need to search for that?!" :P

...which I'm sure lots of people would, but I've never found it useful.
Same here. When they changed the default from "Site + User" to "Interest", I was a bit upset. Until someone showed me how to set up custom searches, which is basically what this is, though I did it manually.
I was so used to using the Firefox plug-ins instead of LJ's search that I didn't know they had changed it, either, until the news post a month ago where people were complaining about it. So I replied to the post just to give people a heads-up, and someone suggested I post it here.

Now if only we could search on multiple interests at once ...
Have something like this which works with Opera?
Unfortunately, I don't know anything about Opera. Sorry?
I had to give up the Fox for something that uses less memory. But thanks anyway
Go to:

Right-click in the Find text box.

Select "Create Search". Opera will make it into a search engine for you! :D (I love Opera. ;) )

The other search seems to have been exterminated from the new site schemes. (I knew why I wasn't switching from XColibur...) But if you go to my LJ you should be able to do the same trick from the Search box included in the layout.
Thank you!!!
This is fantastic, thank you!
lol I didn't even know I could swap search engines up there in the first place *facepalm*

Thanks for the tip!
This is great. I absolutely hate the new search page!
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