Kou (kou) wrote in lj_nifty,

LiveJournal shortcut in your browser's search box

Tired of typing ".livejournal.com" into your browser's address bar to open a journal?

I've written an XML file which allows you to use the browser's search box as a LiveJournal shortcut. Once installed, you can type only a journal name - "news" for example - into the search box to visit the journal.

If you check many journals by name, it's often faster than URL completion. The source code is available here and it is compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox. Opera users can modify their Preferences manually for the same effect.

You can install it by visiting this page.

To install, click the LiveJournal link on the installer page.

You can also see an orange highlight in your search box (browser dependent). This indicates a custom search is available.

Here you can try out the functionality within the page, or add the settings manually.

And now you can save some typing :D.
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