Surprisingly structural. (flexagon) wrote in lj_nifty,
Surprisingly structural.

Google's new Image Search feature is good for finding LJ icons

As of last Thursday, you can specify the exact height and width of the image you're looking for in Google's Advanced Image Search. This is a great way to quickly find 100x100 images on any topic you might want.

Hint: after the first search, you can do it without going to the "advanced" page by just typing a query of the form

kitten imagesize:100x100

Also, if you like, you can look for actual LJ icons like this:

snowflake imagesize:100x100
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Thanks for the tip!
You'll get a more complete search of LJ icons (i.e. including the many icons that are smaller than 100x100) by simply doing your search without the size constraint, but with a more specific instruction of where to search, like this:

snowflake site:*

The asterisk is a wildcard that tells it to search everyone's userpic pages for the word you're looking for.
That's interesting, thanks; I never knew the site keyword would work for specifications more fine-grained than the domain level.


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Best thing EVER. Thank you.
Wow, that's cool. Thanks!
Just to be clear, this is a way to find icons that other people on LJ already have instead of making your own. Some people don't mind if you take their icons, but some people do.
Oh, yes. Also just to be clear, if you don't restrict your search by site, you will get 100px by 100px images that may not currently be used as icons.
Neat :) Thanks for the tip.
google sure is making it easier to find porn
Is that icon the Chairman?
Oh man, all I see is future image!wank and icon theftery.
I agree with others that this encourages taking icons that aren't shareable... but that said, it should be pointed out too, that the images on the result page are just thumbnails, sized 82x82 and you need to load the page they are actually on to get the full 100x100 sized icon.
I use it to find tiny pixel icons for comm/user/security icons too when I'm busted for ideas.
Just want to re-enforce the point that just because an image comes up in the search engine DOES NOT mean it is free for the taking. The appropriate thing to do would then be to contact the owner of said picture and ask for their permission to use it.
Hint: after the first search, you can do it without going to the "advanced" page

Actually, you don't ever have to go to the advanced page at all. You can search for kitten imagesize:100x100 directly from the main image search page. It's also a handy way to find desktop wallpaper.