Elfy (elfy) wrote in lj_nifty,

Subject links to entry

Personally I wasn't aware of that, I'm not sure if it's around since along time or if it's new:

If you click the subject of an entry (for example on your friendspage), it leads you to a page with the entry and it's comments.

I found that interesting, because until now I always clicked on the "xy commented" link to open a page with that entry in a tab for later reading.
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Its not been around that long. Its messed up my S2 style, so I noticed when it changed.
It messed up my S2 style as well. I had to switch to some other one.


9 years ago

Ooh, another reason to be annoyed by posts with no subjects! :)


December 12 2008, 16:47:56 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  December 12 2008, 16:49:07 UTC

Most styles will allow you to customize a subject heading for posts made without a header. The default is "(no subject)".

Granted, some styles don't. (EDIT: I believe the ones that don't allow you to do that are the ones that don't link the subject.)


9 years ago

This will depend on the user's style. It's not necessarily true for everyone.
Yes, I've never seen it, doesn't apply to mine (so far).


9 years ago

It's annoying as hell, as I click on subjects to highlight them to mark my place when scrolling. I don't need three links-to-posts on my style.

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9 years ago


9 years ago


9 years ago

It's new, and I'm not crazy about it, but it's minor enough. I was more annoyed that they messed up all the link colors in The Boxer style when they implemented it.
Hmm, nice feature, thanks for noticing that.
I'd not noticed it, but I've always used the link erm... link, which again is presumably style dependent.
I've never noticed that. I always click the comments link. Thanks.
I'm so glad that I've got my custom style that is not affected by this change.
Oh, cool, I didn't notice that. It's nice to have something to click to go to the entry page itself even when there aren't any comments yet.
Yup, it's new. It was mentioned here, just in case you want yet another place to subscribe to and learn fiddly things about what's coming.

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9 years ago

Hmmm ... I am not sure this is new, that's how I read my flist for ages now (with gazillions of open tabs) ... it just depends on which style is used, some support it, some not.

Or we're talking about different things, am a bit tired atm so I might misunderstand you.
If you used Expressive/Mixit layouts, the subjects were always links.
The feature was added to all the other S2 and S1 layouts and went live last Thursday, as previously noted. It's also caused no shortage of consternation. ;)
If you use a custom layout or are otherwise overriding Page::print_entry(), your journal wouldn't be affected.
I noticed it and I only wish I could turn it off. It makes my layout look weird.
Yeah, it turned my nice light blue, unobtrusive, coordinating with my page, header text into an orange link. Not required since I have comment links. Was not amused.
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