Ромкчев (mirrorbox) wrote in lj_nifty,

ecru - flexible command-line livejournal client for *nix

Hello, I'm writing a new command-line client for LiveJournal. There
are no so much command-lines client for livejournal, the only one I'm
aware of is clive. My client is somewhat similar to clive (i.e. it
uses $EDITOR for typing posts, supports 'header' like options setting
and can work in non-interactive mode (i.e. read stuff via args and
from stdin). However, it has a bit different philosophy behind it. So
here's the main points:

  • Unix-way-ish: client consists of several small tools - one tool for
    posting, one tool for listing posts, one tool for configuration
    related stuff and so on. IMO, this approach has a lot of benefits:
    the most important one is that it's handy for scripting, other
    reason is that small tools are not overloaded with command line
    options like do-all-in-one-tool could be and it's easier to write
    such tools as well.

  • Templates: before invoking $EDITOR, ecru loads predefined template
    in which one can have predefined headers, predefined body, etc.
    It's possible to have several templates, one for each type of post.

  • Hooks (filters): before $EDITOR opens, ecru searches for executable
    files in ~/.ecru/hooks and executes them, passing filename
    preparing to be edited as a first argument of the script.
    Therefore, you can do whatever you want in the script. And the
    script could be written in any language. It could be used e.g. this
    way: you can have 'current_music: `music.sh`' in the template and
    get it replaced with the output of music.sh . Or you can
    introduce any type of macros etc.

  • Profile templates: it's possible to have several configuration
    profiles and switch fast between them, could be useful if you have
    several accounts.

State of things: post functionality is almost fully implemented. Other
tools for general stuff are almost ready. The features described above
are already implemented. I'm going to add more features: mutt-like
headers configuration, vcs-like status in the end of the post (which
would be ignored of course then posting) (optional), vcs like confirm
dialog (post/give up/etc) (optional), tools improvements for
scripting. The code is not very well tested and stable, however.

Here's a screenshot showing how it looks typing a post in vim:

And here's a short tutorial:

git repository is hosted on github:

I wonder if you're still reading :) but if you are, I would be glad to
hear if this project is interesting to anybody.
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