Spacefem (spacefem) wrote in lj_nifty,

Poll option correlator thingy

Don't know if there's something already out there for this, but...

Livejournal lets you see who picked which poll option, but it takes a bit more manual work on your part to see how that data correlates with what they said on other questions. So I made this script to combine results:

All you do is go to your poll, click "view results", click "view answers" for the questions you want to combine, and copy/paste that text into the form. Here's what you get from livejournal when do you a "view answers":

How are attractive are you?

  • spacefem -- Really attractive
  • dwh -- Deathly attractive
  • zorpisuttle -- Really attractive
  • ferngully -- Really attractive
  • metawidget -- I'm not telling!

Do you want to go out with me?

  • spacefem -- Of course
  • dwh -- Maybe
  • zorpisuttle -- Of course
  • ferngully -- Of course
  • metawidget -- Maybe

Here's what the script gives you:
 Of courseMaybe
Really attractive30
Deathly attractive01
I'm not telling!01

So now I can tell that all the really attractive people are the types who'd want to go out with me. It also gives the merged names, so I could make a special group for attractive people who want to go out with me. Either way. What do you think?
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