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LiveJournal gives you a method to ban users from commenting on your journal, without removing them from your friends list. There's no indication to the banned user, until they try to post a comment. Then, and only then, LJ indicates the user has been banned by disabling the check box to comment with your own id:
( )Logged in user: ljuser - you have been banned from commenting in this journal.

To make the state of things more clear, I wrote a Greasemonkey script that remembers people who have banned you, then changes all of the comment/reply links in that user's journal. Instead of
(Post a new comment)

you get
(Post a new comment)

And below each comment, instead of
(Reply to this)(Thread)
you get
(Reply to this)(Thread)

It's a work in progress, but feel free to download it and try it out, here:

LJ Banned By

The script creates a Greasemonkey variable called 'banned_by_list'. You can examine or edit it by going to about:config in Firefox, and filtering on 'banned_by_list'. If you want to experiment, try adding yourself to the banned_by_list, by surrounding your LJ user name with `', like this: `clayfoot'. Of course, you can also add other LJ users to the list the same way, if you want to see what happens, or if you just want to prevent yourself from commenting on someone else's journal, for some reason. At the moment, there's no other way to reset or edit the 'banned_by_list', so use with due caution.
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