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LJ Thread Unfolder w/ Unfold All, for all layouts (greasemonkey)

This script adds unfold functionality to LJ, it will unfold comments that have been hidden without having to reload the page or browse to a different page.

Originally by Tim Babych and extended by Henrik N, I've updated this Greasemonkey script to work with most/all LJ layouts.

This greasemoneky script was brought to my attention because it didn't seem to work when someone had a custom layout, it only worked with the default layout and that isn't very helpful. I decided to fix that problem and also make it a bit quicker than the previous versions.

I'm still working on a few technical bits, some features aren't 100% functional but overall it works great and makes my LJ browsing experience far more enjoyable. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do and if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please let me know!

I've also cross posted this to my journal mrmord and the greygullsfly comm.

Download Here

Known Issues:
- Does not keep users layout settings for unfolded comments
- Does not retain original recursive unfolding feature (wip)

It has been confirmed to work with the following browsers and scripting engines
- Safari - greasekit
- Opera - userjs
- Firefox - Greasemonkey

This script also works on the following LJ clones
- LiveJournal
- InsaneJournal
- GreatestJournal
- JournalFen

Update 1:
I've fixed it so that this should work with all layouts now, original and S2.
I've also added the unfold all back to the script

Update 2:
Sped up unfolding and fixed a bug that caused blank bars when using safari with greasekit. Also updated a few layout bugs, should be more compatible with all layouts now.

Update 3:
Fixed compatibility with Opera, requires a greasemonkey userjs script found here:
Added and to the included scripts page

Update 4:
Made script even more compatible with more layouts

Update 4.1:
More of the same
Added to included scripts

Update 4.2:
Fixed for more layouts, again!
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