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New LJ skins, including Visions v2!

You may remember that some time ago, I made a skin to transform Vertigo into a Dystopia lookalike, while the scheme was in beta. Unfortunately, when the scheme finally got released, the skin was incompatible with it. I've made changes to the skin to update it to work with the released version, but I haven't made a post to advertise it until now; other people started making their own skins using the GM script as a base, and I figured it would be a good idea to organise a community based on these skins.

I'm proud to say that I've finally gotten off my lazy ass enough to actually write this post about the new skins which have been made so far. :D There are a selection of four in total:

  • Visions v2 - a Dystopic Vertigo by soph - this is the new version of my original Visions skin linked above, designed to skin Vertigo to look like Dystopia.

  • LJ Vertigo v.1 by snakeling - if you liked the look of the original Vertigo when it was in beta - with the dark blue sidebar and the userpic sensibly centered - here's the skin for you.

  • Eat Your Greens by uniquewonders - this is the first skin I've seen built so far to be built in parts - if you don't want to apply the whole thing, you can apply only the parts you *do* want, whether that's the navigation header area, the homepage styling, or various other parts of the site. Apart from that, it's a nice skin that needs to be seen to be really appreciated.

  • Halloween 2007 by soph - this skin recreates the look of LiveJournal as it was during Halloween 2007.

If you last installed the Greasemonkey script before the 1st of November, 2007, please uninstall it and reinstall it with these instructions for whichever browser you're using. There have been several important changes to the script code, and some skins may not work properly without the latest code.

Screenshots of the skins!

Visions v2 - a Dystopic Vertigo:
A screenshot of the Visions v2 skin.

LJ Vertigo v.1:
A screenshot of the LJ Vertigo v.1 skin.

Eat Your Greens:
A screenshot of the Eat Your Greens navigation area.
A screenshot of the Site Map using the Eat Your Greens skin.

Halloween 2007:
A screenshot of the Halloween 2007 skin.

You can comment on these skins either here on this post or in their individual posts; just click the appropriate link for the latter.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully you'll enjoy these skins. :)

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