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Visions v2 - a Dystopic Vertigo

Updated 2007-06-25: This skin will now work on the new Vertigo scheme. However, keep an eye out on lj_nifty this week as I'm hoping to make a fairly big announcement. Stay tuned!

Today (as I write this), the new Vertigo site scheme was announced. The site scheme is pretty similar to Dystopia in terms of its structure, but different in terms of the links and colours used.

Now, I like Vertigo, but I also like Dystopia. A lot. Dystopia is nice and colourful, and the smaller default font and darker link colours also help to make it just look *nice*, in my opinion. Only problem is, Dystopia is oooold, and design effort will most likely be focused on the newer site schemes rather than supporting old site schemes unto eternity. :D

Luckily, Vertigo is much more CSS-based than Dystopia ever was, which gave me an idea - what if I could restyle Vertigo to look like Dystopia? I could keep all the links that are in Vertigo, but simply make it look like the style I know and love.

Of course, to do such a thing would be crazy - which is probably why I promptly went ahead and did it.

Before and After pics!

Generic screenshot: Vertigo v2 Before

This picture shows the plain Vertigo v2 style, before the Visions restyling has been applied.
Screenshot - Visions v2 After

This picture shows the Vertigo v2 style after the Visions v2 restyling has been applied. Notice how the style now looks remarkably similar to Dystopia.

Installation Instructions
The style comes in two parts:
  • The CSS itself. You can find this part of it on It's standard CSS, but you can also install it into either the Stylish or Greasemonkey extensions for Firefox. The GM script works in Opera's UserJS feature, too - thanks to anotherdream for reporting this! Note that if you have Firefox, then it's better to use Stylish to load the script as it's designed for styles exclusively, and it also has an update feature you can use in case the style gets updated.

  • A Greasemonkey script. The style above won't do anything on its own, as it requires my LJ Skins: Class Adder Greasemonkey script. (Again, this works in Opera too.) This is because LiveJournal doesn't yet have a way to distinguish in CSS between siteschemed pages and other pages. This script provides a way for the style to identify when it should take effect, by adding appropriate classnames to the BODY tag for the detected sitescheme. Please note: If you have installed this script before, please uninstall any previous versions you may have and install this new one; there are several important changes to the script!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you find use for this!
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