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Usericon Maker

For some time now, I've been playing with variations on the standard Livejournal user icon.¹ If you look at my reference pages, you can see hundreds of such icons made by myself and others, in a variety of themes. Now, I'm putting together an LJ Usericon Creator so that anyone can make their own customized usericon. (I generally use allah_sulu for my journal). I've got quite a bit of it on-line already, with even more to come (and I'm open to questions and suggestions).

This will also be useful to the LiveJournal staff if they want to make specialized icons for special occasions, as they did with the eyepatch on Talk Like A Pirate Day. I've already got Santa hats if they want to do something for Christmas…

The "GIF" option does not appear to save the icon properly – there was some distortion, and the transparency was lost, in the test icons I just ran. Use the "PNG" option to save your icons. If the error doesn't go away (it's not my code), I'll probably just remove the GIF button.

EDIT: This post has been crossposted to allah_sulu here, as_massive_tool here, and lj_art here.
as_massive_tool is the community dedicated to news, questions, and suggestions about my creations.

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