Angry Monkey (jwm) wrote in lj_nifty,
Angry Monkey

Greasemonkey Hacks

(What's Greasemonkey? It's a Firefox extension that allows people to write scripts to make the web do things that they, rather than the site designers want it to do. Go get it first, then you can install these scripts.)

(Also, Opera has some sort of user script thing going on, as does IE via Turnabout and Safari via CreamMonkey, but I have no idea if they's scripts will work in those environments.)

LJ: force preformatting off: Livejournal still doesn't have a way for you to set the preformatting off when posting comments and entries, which kinda sucks if you think the standard 80 column line break formatting looks kind of naff.

This script automatically toggles all the right check boxes and radio buttons so preformatting is turned off. But, because I never look at those parts of the form, anyway, It also adds opening and closing lj-raw tags, as, that way, when you're using a browser without this script running, you can instantly spot that LJ will mess your formatting up, as that tags won't be there.

LJ: anonymous posting warning: Highlights the ‘Anonymous’ posting option red in the comment posting forms, when it's selected—typically because Shub-LJ has devoured your previous session, and you're now suddenly logged out. No more “Opps, that was me!” comments!

LJ: kill font tag colours: Some guy on Livejournal posting entries in silly colours that you can't read, because they don't use the same journal background as you? Can't get no satisfaction? Try this script, which savagely suppresses the ‘color’ attribute of all font tags!

Actually, that all font tags is a bit of a problem if you're using some old school Livejournal style that's not down with the new school CSS. Maybe I'll spend more than 10 minutes on it, sometime, and fix that.

Update: shatterstripes advises using some CSS in your style's custome CSS box like this:

font {font-family:inherit; font-size:inherit; color:inherit}

I'm embarrassed to admit that I tried that first, but got my initial selector wrong, so I wrote the script instead.

This is definitely a better solution, especially as you can narrow it down to just the entry section, if you can find the id or class of the blocks that entries go in in your style's recent and friends views.

LJ: Who Am I?: Code demonstrating a way to find who the current logged in Livejournal user is, and map that to their user ID, which is stored in the Livejournal cookies, so that subsequent look ups don't require an additional page hit. Mainly of interest to people who want to write their own scripts to mess with LJ.

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