Clayfoot (clayfoot) wrote in lj_nifty,

LJ Friends List as a Google Gadget/Module

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Add to Google

Similar to the LJFriends Reader for Yahoo Widget Engine (but not as cool looking), this Google Gadget/Module uses the mobile version of your LJ Friends list. If you already have a personalized Google homepage, just click the 'Add' button above to add it.

All of this is handled with cookies, so your LJ username and password are never sent to me or to Google or to anywhere else. There's not even a place to store it.

Every time your Google homepage reloads, the module will display your updated LJ friends list, too. You can click the subject links to read and to comment on the entries in the same lightweight format. The LJ username links will take you to the standard view of the user's journal, which may be a bit hard to read. The module runs in an IFrame, which means you can use the back button to go back to back to the friends list, as long as the browser is still focused on that module. If you click the friends page link at the bottom of someone's entry, it will take you to the standard "heavyweight" version of your friends list. Don't worry; if you get lost, you can always reload your Google homepage to get the original "lightweight" version of the friends list again.
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