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LJFriends Reader for Yahoo Widget Engine

Update #2
Sometime near this last weekend, LiveJournal changed the format of their Mobile version of the friends page -- which I based the parsing for this wonderful widget on -- as a result you may have been experiencing a bit of strangeness... particularly when it comes to the label defining who made the post. Well, that problem has been fixed and uploaded to the Yahoo Widget Gallery as version 1.5.1. Unfortunately, I did not build in to the widget a way to check you version, but I will in the next release :D.

Here's the link again to download the latest version.

Okay, I've updated the Yahoo Widget with a lot of the suggestions from people in this group. It's been tested and posted back to the Widget Gallery:

download here

Here's a list of the new additions:

* A countdown bar - to let you know how long it's been since / until a refresh.
* Color themes - if you don't like blue, then you are in luck as there are now more color options.
* More interval options - need a shorter interval? now includes 1, 5, and 10 minute intervals.
* Added a context menu (right click menu) option to check for update... in case I update it.
* Fixed some bugs with HTML special character display.
* And finally... hopefully... this should work for non-English LJ codepages.

It's bugged me for a while that I can't find out if any of my friends have posted without having to load my friends page. I even downloaded one of the LJ Clients that said it could do that... but it kept notifying me of new posts even when the change was only that someone's post got a new comment.

Then I found Yahoo Widget Engine, and my mind began to crank. And it got stumped for a while. But, in the end, I came up with this:

LJFriends Reader

The Live Journal Friends Reader widget works a lot like an RSS reader for your friends page. Except it's not reading an RSS feed, since there is no RSS feed for the friends page. Anyways, download it and try it if you like.

Note: if you do not already have the Yahoo Widget Engine installed, you must download and install it from here first.
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