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A follow up to MySpace and LJ

So in the previous post by sfgabe he gave you a feed burner method to having your LJ posts show up on your MySpace profile. I responded with a quick flash movie I'd made to do just that. It was a little buggy but I finally got around to messing with it again so here goes.

Embed this in your profile page:

<embed src="" quality=high width=428 height=339 name=ljreader type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="" />

You can view mine here.

I found a weird bug in flash where my Flash MX 2004 was getting it's textarea styles over written in the Flash Player 8 after I put in the text from your data feed. So I now have a loop checking in the flash to make sure it's set (quite lame in my opinion). So if you see a flash where the content seems to disappear right after it's loaded and then it comes back that's why.

But the options are as follows:
user*required* Is the LJ username you wish to use. It will default to me, so you probably want to change that. If it seems to fail for you make sure you check that works for your account.
bcBackground color for text area. Defaults to #ffffff
hcHeader color for entries (the links). Defaults to #000000
scPost summary color for entries. Defaults to #333333

Another note, the movie only shows summaries of posts. So it will truncate the post after two line breaks. It was the cleanest (and most consistent) thing I could find at the moment and it seemed to look ok.

I use a php script on my domain for this so don't bother to copy the flash movie somewhere else. I'm also going to add a 5-15 minute cache for the rss feeds so to not abuse LJ with this.

If the bandwidth ever becomes and issue I'll notify those who are using it so we can find more people to share the load.

If you find any bugs feel free to let me know and I'll get to them as soon as I can. Assuming I can reproduce them of course. :)

I improved the php file caching this evening and the way the flash movie was maintaining the styles for the rss feed. Still working on dynamically resizing the textarea to whatever you set for width/height in the embed tag.
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