Gabe (sfgabe) wrote in lj_nifty,

Broadcast your public LJ entries into MySpace with Feedburner

I wanted to get a feed of my lj into my myspace page. I tried to do some java foo, but discovered that myspace doesnt allow scripts. It does however (as most people know by now) allow image tags.

FeedBurner has a feature that creates an animated gif of your recent headlines. Whenever you update your site (in the case of LJ, with public posts) it creates a new gif so its always current. You can throw a link to this image into your myspace profile to show people they can look at your lj too.

You can see how i used it here

How to do it:

  1. Go to FeedBurner (dont worry, its free).

  2. Enter this:

    into the "Burn a Feed" box on the front page. Obviously, replace "ljusername" with your own.

  3. Register or sign in and follow the feedburner instructions.

  4. Once everything is set up, go to the "Publicize" tab

  5. In "publicize" click on "Headline Animator" in the left menu.

  6. Choose your image style and "Activate". Sadly there are only two image choices at the moment, hopefully there will be more to pick from in the future.

  7. Copy the generated html snippet.

  8. Go to MySpace.

  9. Login and choose "Edit Profile"

  10. You can put that code snippet in any of the boxes in the "Interests & Personality" section and save.

  11. Poof! You now have a scrolling broadcast of your most recent public lj posts on your myspace page that links directly to your lj.

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