3axapoB (popunder) wrote in lj_nifty,

Free 'Popular Users Amongst Your Friends' with PageRank

I've made an independent tool to find most popular users among your friends which are not your friends. You can consider this kind of users as good candidates to be included in your friend's lists since they are valued by your friends. This tool as actually a free equivalent for LJ tool Popular Users Amongst Your Friends which is available for paid customers only. The disadvantage of this version that it can take some time to evaluate all your friends if you have many of them.
I've added the localized PageRank functionality which give properly weighted popularity score (not only the number of votes as in standard model).
Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Suggest friends for:

UPD: now with caching and PageRank score explanation
UPD2: friends table can be exported to the journal
UPDX: Script is UP AGAIN !!! (since 14/12/2010)
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