ljseek (ljseek) wrote in lj_nifty,

Top LiveJournal Posts

We've created a tool which monitors most actively linked posts in LiveJournal - www.ljtop.com You can see the Hot posts
on the front page (this works kind of similar to Digg, as soon as posts gets enough links it is getting to the front page) as well as use calendar to browse archive to see what was the hot posts in the given time. For example in April the most linked post in English was announcement of new account level.

The interesting discovery was to see Russian LiveJournal community is extremely active linking to each other, even if it is much smaller in number it was frequently taking many top places. So to make things more fun we have added Russian and English versions.

If you're interested to follow most linked livejournal posts we've created syndication accounts for out front pages to keep it simple:
LjTop , LjTop_en , LjTop_ru
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