Clayfoot (clayfoot) wrote in lj_nifty,

Greasemonkey script: Collapse friends page entries

UPDATE: Added a menu item to toggle whether entries are expanded or collapsed, by default.

Let's face it: On any given day, some of the entries on your friends page are more worthwhile than others. To help find the diamonds in the rough, I wrote a Greasemonkey script that collapses the text of all of the entries on the friends page down to a [+] sign. When you click on the [+] sign, it changes to a [-] and expands the journal entry in-line. Click it again, and the entry collapes. Hover over the [+] symbol, and the first 100 characters pops up as the hyperlink's title. Because LJ renders every layout differently, this script works better on some layouts than others. I have dreams of expanding it to all LJ layouts, if someone can explain to me a way to universally find the entry text on the friends page. In the meantime, here's a list of tested layouts and how well they work with this script:
LJ Layout Works
3 Column MAYBE
A Novel Conundrum NO
A Sturdy Gesture YES
Classic NO
Clean And Simple MAYBE
Cuteness Attack YES
Digital Multiplex NO
Flexible Squares MAYBE
Generator NO
Magazine NO
Nebula YES
Notepad NO
Punquin Elegant NO
Smooth Sailing YES
Tabular Indent NO
Tranquility II YES
Unearthed YES
Variable Flow SORTA
The Boxer NO
Opal NO
Component NO
Gradient Strip NO

Here's a screenshot of some (public) entries on my friends list. The little [+] signs are the links to expand the collapsed text.

Install the script from here:

LJ Collapse

Of course, you'll need FireFox and the Greasemonkey extension.

Cross-posted to greasemonkies.
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