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Expresslane counter

The following is a greasemonkey script for that will keep track of some 'express lane' stats and show them on-screen rather than having to view the source*

Express Lane Stats

To install: right click on the above link and choose "install user script"


as you can see it tells you:

  • how many users you cut in front of and how much time you saved when the current page was loaded ('this time')

  • total users you've cut in front of overall, and time saved: "You've screwed over ___ free users, saving YOURSELF ___ seconds!"

  • record: the most users you've ever cut in front of at once, and the most time saved at once

  • % of time there's been no line: this is based on how many times there's been 0 users waiting


to hide the box, click on it. to show the box again, there will be an option in the 'user script commands' menu, under tools --> user script commands -> show/hide express lane stats

Will this work in other browsers?
I wrote this specifically for Greasemonkey; the current version is 0.6.4 for Firefox 1.5.
I'm aware that there is a user scripts feature in Opera, and there are addons for Internet Explorer to run these scripts as well (Turnabout and Trixie that i'm aware of)
I'm not opposed to anyone improving upon this or making the changes necessary to get it to run in other browsers, but since it's not a particularly important script I didn't go out of my way to do so.

  • The record is the most amount of users at once, and the most amount of time at once. These are separate and didn't necessarily happen on the same page load.

  • In case you're wondering, the stats in the screenshot are based on over 6,000 page loads. 81% is probably fairly accurate

*of course, there isn't really a good place for it, which is why it's only in the source to begin with, I imagine
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