Michael Bommarito (g0thm0g) wrote in lj_nifty,
Michael Bommarito

AJAX Latest Image Script

Here's another little AJAX toy - a latest image script. It's similar to most other LJ image scripts, except for a few major parts:
  1. It automatically reloads every thirty seconds without a full page refresh, although the interface allows you to start, stop, clear, or manually refresh.

  2. It allows the secure posting of an image with comment directly to your blog without any knowledge of HTML.

Just click, fill in your username and password, and enter a caption for the picture. Just click post and you're done!

This is pretty effin' cool
Posted from AJAX LJ pics!
Created by g0thm0g!

If you're interested in the source, the file listings are in my journal and on ajaxian.com. Anyway, as usual, have fun!
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