ouwiyaru (ouwiyaru) wrote in lj_nifty,

Yet another LiveJournal latest image tool

The difference between this one and others is that it won't tax my server and you get your privacy. It's just an HTML and XSL file (right-click on both links and choose "Save Link/Target As" and save them to the same directory--then open images.html on your computer). When you run it for the first time, you'll get an (appropriately) scary message like "A script from "file://" is requesting enhanced abilities that are UNSAFE and could be used to compromise your machine or data." You'll have to choose 'yes,' (but only do so after you trust me ;-)

Currently, you can modify the default image height and how many images you download.

The reason it won't work directly from the HTML link is that the javascript calls XMLHTTPRequest() which only allows requests from the server the page is on. But the whole point of the script is to download http://www.livejournal.com/stats/latest-img.bml which is on the livejournal.com server. However, the web browser allows it if the html file is saved on your local computer. The javascript uses the now-native XSL processors to turn livejournal's xml document into friendlier html.
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