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Unofficial categories feed support for livejournal

Livejournal is cool, but it greatly lacks categories/tags support, though the developers are implementing it. Till that you might want to use this little hack that generates filtered rss feed, for use with specialized aggregators like planetplanet

This script can be directly used as a CGI script, except that you have to change the source to have your LJ username (instead of mine). The tag-name information is laid in PATH_INFO of the url. For example, to get entries tagged python, one can use this url. An entry is tagged with foo if either its "title" or "post-body" contains the term foo (case insensitive).

And of course, this can be used with feedburner, like mine.

This is cross-posted from my journal

Update: This script requires feedparser. It comes as a single script (, download it and put in the same directory where is copied to.
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