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Another LiveJournal latest image tool

Ok, for those of you who didn't already have enough Internet brain drain, I have devised yet another tool to waste your daze away. I've developed a Livejournal Images site that gets a feed of images posted to livejournal from around the world and I post them for you to jeer at. Googling about, I came across this site, which was the inspiration for it.

Currently, it features:

  • Searching for images by user or community

  • Sorting by Date

  • Viewing Random images

  • Specifying the number of images on a page

  • Specifying the size (width) of all images so they are easier to see

  • Voting on images

  • Sorting images by highest score

Each image links to the page where they were actually posted, so if you're wondering "WTF is that?", you can click on the link and go ask someone who (supposedly) has a clue. I've found some very interesting things myself using this tool, such as pics this guy posted..or this one..or...must stop..

There are way more images posted than any sane person could ever keep up with. The first day I was collecting links, I pulled in close 20,000 image links. At that rate, in a year, there'll be about 7 million images (almost all of which will be dead links by then, I'm sure).

Face it, there are some really nifty cool weird people here on lj, and this is just another way to condense their weirdness in one place. I keep finding myself commenting in strangers' journals about the pics they post. Most of these are people whom I'd never have met otherwise.
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