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Refrigerator Poetry with LJ

Greetings all,

I've created a refrigerator magnet poetry site that uses your livejournal friends and interests as magnets. It uses DHTML for moving the magnets around, and when you save it, it generates a static image that you can link to from your journal. As your friends and enemies make art/vandalize your fridge, updates appear on the linked image. For now, you can even "cheat" and create your own words.

My Online Fridge

Developers: this project is open sourced under the GPL.

(Update: The directory where the source code was kept had improper permissions on it. If you tried to get the source code and failed, try again here.)

(Update 9/3: Apparently Mac users cannot drag-and-drop like PC users can. I don't have a Mac, so I would appreciate those of you who care to try out this alternate version of the toy:
WARNING: This version brings IE6 on winXP to it's knees when I try to save it. It eventually recovers, but takes several minutes to save. It uses Walter Zorn's javascript library.)
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