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ljArchive is a tool that's been in development for a few months now - it allows you to download, browse, and analyze journal entries and comments from LiveJournal (or LiveJournal clones). ljArchive is currently available for Windows, and may soon be coming to gtk/Linux. ljArchive allows you to do the following to your journal:
  • Download and navigate a synchronized, local archive of your journal.
  • Run custom plugins on your journal. ljArchive comes with the following plugins:
    • Entry Reader - reads aloud your journal entries aloud using text-to-speech technology.
    • Regressive Imagery Analysis - provides a psychological profile of your journal.
    • Word Count - provides a list of the words used in your journal, and their frequency.
    • Post Frequency - graphs the frequency of your posts over time.
    • Comment Count - graphs the number of comments left by users in your journal, and also how many comments you've left them.
  • View/export entries and comments using a completely customizable HTML template system. You can customize settings for templates and also build your own templates.
  • Search through your journal for keywords, and browse through search results immediately.
  • Export your journal into various formats, such as XML, HTML, PDF (in conjuction with LJBook), and MIDI (yes, MIDI!).
Info for Developers

ljArchive is now ready to be ported to linux - implemented in mono.  I've looked over the mono BCL and ljArchive's core library is completely compatible.  I'm looking for a mono developer familiar with gtk# (or wt# or whatever else) to work with me.  The ljArchive core library is VERY easy to work with and fully (sorta) documented.  Here's an example of the code you'd write to interact with it.

I'm also looking for speakers of other languages willing to help me translate some bits of very mundane text such as "ljArchive encountered an error" because ljArchive supports localization, currently only English and French.

So if you like this project and you'd like to help out, please email me or leave a comment!


The web site for ljArchive, which contains the software, screenshots, and other info, is here.

Edit: For questions/comments, visit ljarchive.
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