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Mozilla (Firefox) Quick Access bookmarks

Hello dear friends!

Ever been wondering just where the memories of a user are? Or if they have any support privileges? Or do you volunteer in Support and get sick of people saying "go to request 194502" and you having to go find that yourself?

Well, then, worry no more, as I've created a small set of Mozilla/Firefox Quick Access bookmarks for you!

How do they work? Well, you import the file by going to Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks..., then going to File > Import and importing this file. (Right-click the file and do "Save Target As...")

Once you've imported the QuickMarks file, you can type the following things into the URL/Location bar to do its associated function:

Arguments in < > are required. Arguments in [ ] are optional.

lj <username> : Takes you to the journal of username.
memories <username> : Takes you to the memories of username.
privs <username> : Shows you site privileges of username.
icons <username> : Shows you all user icons for username.
userinfo <username> : Shows you the full userinfo page for username.
req <number> : Takes you to support request #number.
faq <number> : Shows you the FAQ with #number.
green [category] : Shows you all support requests that need attention in category. Just type "green" for every category.
yourep [category] : Shows you all support requests that you replied to in category. Just type "yourep" for every category.

(The valid categories for "green" and "yourep" are "general", "communities", "styles", "syn", "web-ui", "clients", "embedding", "userpics", "feedback", "accounts", "support@", "privacy", "webmaster", "abuse", and "press" - note that everything after userpics is a private category and requires privileges to view. You can only view one category at once due to limitations of LiveJournal.)
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