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Getting a community to watch itself

RPGs are a popular kind of community on LiveJournal, but communities can not friend themselves, forcing readers to switch between the community page and its friends page to get the full story.

Since not all players consistently ensure that they have all the other players friended, moderators may want to make sure that there is at least one page that contains all the entries.

This can be solved by using the shared journal feature.

Step 1. Making a community

Create your community account, if you have not already done so.

Step 2. Converting a community to a shared account

Logged in as your community maintainer, go to the LiveJournal admin console
and enter the following code:
change_journal_type "communityname" shared DO NOT USE THE QUOTES.
When you look at the community's userinfo page after completing this step, members will be listed as "friends." Do not worry about this.

Step 3. Add the shared account to its own friends' list

Log out of your maintainer's account, and log in as your new shared account. Go to the shared account's profile page, and click the "add friend" button. Confirm that you want the shared account to have itself on its friends list.

Step 4. Convert the shared account back to a community

Log out of the shared account, and log back into your maintainer's account. Then go to the LiveJournal admin console:
and enter the following code:
change_journal_type "communityname" community DO NOT USE THE QUOTES
When you return to your community info page, the members will be back to being members.

I hope you guys find this useful! :D
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