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removing 'quick comments'

[ Note: As several comments have pointed out, you can now go to the console and enter "set disable_quickreply 1" to get rid of the quick-reply boxes permanantly, on LJ's end rather than this client-end hack. Which I did a day or two after that switch was added. ]

The new 'quick comments' thing on system-style comments view pages - some people love it, some people hate it. If you like to use the user icons as part of the grammar of your replies, or if you semi-regularly reply from a secondary account, this is really annoying, because neither of these are options, and it means you have to wait for it to rehack the page, and then hit the 'more options' button. And there's no switch to turn it off, except for using a browser that simply doesn't support the Javascript hooks needed. Or turning off Javascript entirely. Or other similarly blunt-instrument solutions.

[ addendum: There are less... geeky... ways around it in the comments. Each has their own upside and downside. I added a filter to my chosen ad/popup/evilness blocker because it's what I already had running, and Privoxy works on MacOS, Linux, and Windows. Hopefully there will be a response to the suggestion that a switch be added. ]

Step 1: Install Privoxy. Follow the directions there. I can't help you set it up. It's pretty simple, if I recall correctly. It's nice to have, it does lots of ad-blocking and popup-killing stuff, too - it's a happy thing to have running.

Step 2: Edit the 'filter file'; you can find out where it is by going to once Privoxy's up. Use your favorite text editor.

Step 3: Paste this in:
# kill LJ's hideous new quick comment boxes

FILTER: lj-quick-comments Get rid of LJ's quick comment boxes
s/<a onclick='return quickreply\(.*\)' /<a /ig

and save the file.

Step 4:Go here and hit 'Insert new section at top'. Press 'edit' under 'actions' in that new sectton and hit the 'enable' button next to 'filter lj-quick-comments', submit that, then 'add' a new URL pattern of The dot at the front is, I think, important.

Works for me, at least. No more 'quick comment' boxes. I'd rather have a switch somewhere in LJ to disable them, of course.

Please don't ask me to help you set up Privoxy. I probably don't even use the same machine you do, and I had it running a good while back for ad-blocking.

[ Next day: Here's an improved hack, to make 'quick reply' a new option after the normal 'reply to this' URL. Use this instead of 's/<a onclick='return quickreply\(.*\)' /<a /ig':

s/<a onclick='return quickreply\((.*)\)' (.*)>Reply to this/<a $2>Reply to this<\/a>\) \(<a onclick='return quickreply\($1\)' $2>Quick reply/ig

You'll now have the (Reply to this) replaced by (Reply to this) (Quick reply), with the first link acting the old way.

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