Melissa (asciident) wrote in lj_nifty,

Security Mass-Editing: A Warning

Hi everyone! This is just a warning about all those security mass-editing tools. Quite a few of them are implemented in such a way that you may lose some of your entries if you run the tool. Please, please be sure to back up your journal or avoid these tools altogether unless you really trust it. I'd really hate to see you lose your entries because of a tool posted here.

And if you notice someone's code is broken, take a minute and let me know ( so I can comment at the author, or if necessary remove the entry so others don't unwittingly run broken code.


ETA: Yes, this is what happened to the HideJournal entry that was here; it was broken and the author didn't respond, so I removed the entry.

Also, premshree says the bug in LJ Security Edit has been fixed.
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