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many years ago, we had the marnanel joule that kept track of our friends history. but it went away around 2011. in fact a lot of livejournal has changed since then.

this year I woke up, realized my friends list was getting a bit slow, and resolved to liven it up again. treat livejournal as if it's a hot new social network and go after some circles. it worked fabulously, I no longer think this place is "dying", it just took a little initiative. I don't need a network of millions of people for this place to feel cool again. I need, like, 100. So I made some new friends.

but I had no friends history because the joule was gone.

so I recoded it, and it's here. obviously I can't promise it will live forever, but has been going strong since 2002 or so.

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I was screwing around with custom styles earlier when I stumbled across artlj (Translations available at Google and Microsoft). It seems to be a portal designed for the Russian artistic community. There are sub-pages dedicated to events, institutions, and artists, and even specialized account creation pages. It looks like the various modules of the pages are all auto-created so that's pretty nifty. Even after adecade here on LiveJournal I'm still amazed at the different ways that people can use and interact with LJ.

All LJ markup tags in one entry

I got a bit tired of searching through several different FAQs to find the specific LJ tag I wanted to use, so I went ahead and put them all into one entry. I tried to find all of them, even the ones used to create voice posts or insert the welcome posts that new accounts see. I even found some Russian instructions for a new language feature. Feel free to check it out, spread it around, and let me know if there's something I missed.
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/singles/ is dead. Long live /singles/.

Long-time members of this community will know that there are many hidden or under-appreciated features on LJ. Generally, they're not coded to the same standard as the rest of the site because the code hasn't been touched for ages, but are still there and make for a surprisingly fun exploration sometimes. Some examples are the to-do list and the Six Degrees tool.

Another of those features is LiveJournal Singles. However, if you want to look at it you'll need to do so quickly, because today the feature was officially removed from the codebase. For now, it's still on the live site but as soon as the next code push takes place, it'll most likely disappear.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm kind of in mourning. Not because I ever used the feature, and nor do I think the feature was every a particularly good one. But despite Singles having never been used for many, many years, by now it's a part of the LiveJournal mythos, right along with the to-do list. I can *understand* its removal, but I'm still in mourning.

Goodbye, /singles/. I'll miss you.

Scrapbook backup bookmarklet (Scrapbookmarklet?)

Back at the beginning of May I cobbled together a bookmarklet to speed along archiving your pictures from old ScrapBook. A couple weeks ago I figured out how to do it for new Scrapbook and figured more people would like to know about it.

Step 1

Copy this code:

into a new bookmark on your bookmark bar and press it whenever you're viewing an album page in new Scrapbook. It'll open up a new tab filled with links to the fullsize version of all the images on that page of your album (plus the fullsize version of any cover images for the albums that appear on the right-hand side of the screen).

Step 2

And now that you have a page that is filled with links to the full-size images you can use lots of other webtools to quickly download all the images. I recommend using the DownThemAll!! extension for Firefox.

LJ for WebOS - a LiveJournal client for WebOS devices

I'm happy to announce that LJ for WebOS, the first LiveJournal client for WebOS devices (as far as I'm aware), is now available on the Palm App Catalog! Features include:
- viewing friends posts and your own posts
- commenting on posts
- making posts with custom security, tags, userpic
- uploading images to and including them in your posts
- caching posts for offline viewing

Here's the official Palm page. LJ for WebOS was formerly known as the homebrew app WebOSJournal. I'm more than happy to take feedback/feature requests. Thanks!
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GreaseMonkey: Polls for Basic Users

I built a GreaseMonkey script to allow basic users to post polls. (Other users already can, but LJ does not allow basic users to.) One caveat: since the poll and its results can't be stored on LiveJournal itself, they're stored on my server.

Here's how it works.

  1. You'll need the GreaseMonkey add-on for Firefox.

  2. Download/install the script here. (Or, you can read about it here.)

  3. Once you install it, there'll be a new button in the HTML view when you post on LiveJournal called "Add Poll." Click on it.

  4. You can now add any number of questions and any number of options for each question. Plus, you can make your options appear as either check-boxes or radio buttons.

  5. When you're done, click on "Submit."

  6. A bunch of HTML will get pasted into your post. It contains the poll you just created and the results of it.

Note that the results are shown as images using the Google Chart API, so they dynamically change even through the poll is all static HTML.

See it in action!
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LJ Username and Interest Search - Just Like Mom Used to Make!

Sick of the new search engine? Firefox has your back.

Go here.

Click on "Livejournal Interest" (for interests) and "Livejournal User Info Search" (for usernames).

This will install those two features as Firefox search engines.

To use: go to the search engine box on Firefox -- it's in the upper right-hand corner -- and select either the LJ pencil (for interests) or the head-and-shoulders person icon (for usernames). Type it in, hit return, and watch the results pop up just like they're supposed to.

Posted here by suggestion of foxfirefey on the latest news post. I didn't make either of these engines; I just found them through the magic of Mycroft.

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