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friends history

many years ago, we had the marnanel joule that kept track of our friends history. but it went away around 2011. in fact a lot of livejournal has changed since then.

this year I woke up, realized my friends list was getting a bit slow, and resolved to liven it up again. treat livejournal as if it's a hot new social network and go after some circles. it worked fabulously, I no longer think this place is "dying", it just took a little initiative. I don't need a network of millions of people for this place to feel cool again. I need, like, 100. So I made some new friends.

but I had no friends history because the joule was gone.

so I recoded it, and it's here. obviously I can't promise it will live forever, but has been going strong since 2002 or so.

Who's friended you today?

Show me the friends of:

by spacefem get yours here

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Thank you :) I remember joule from "the old days" :)
Out of curiosity, what does the number in the friends table widget actually stand for? I guess how old the journal is?
you mean the number to the left, the sequential one?

that's a fascinating question! I felt like making it, mostly to check some numbers and totals, in a way it's kinda random because it's going to be based on the order livejournal delivers your friends. so your guess is good as mine.


2 years ago


2 years ago

Also, the comment import function thingy seems to only cover a certain timespan. I got comments from people who are listed as if they never ever commented, but they did (even if long ago).
yeah, I assumed most people only care about their last few comments. I don't care who commented in my journal ten years ago.

you can change that ending startid to zero if you really want them all:
You are my hero of the day.

Deleted comment


My friends table does have that feature, you can sort by last updated:

But it is not fast, it's very slow. It has to churn through everybody one by one. So you can go grab a coffee while it churns, at least.

Deleted comment

Well done.
Not available for Basic level accounts, only the paid and the yellow nasty teeth ads filled "plus level"
Cool! Been hoping something might spark LJ back up again!
Thank you. I'd missed Joule, and had been doing so for so long I'd totally forgotten it. :)
Woohoo! I used to use marnanel joule all the time - I'm thrilled to have this back!
Thank you!!
Thank you for resurrecting a great tool and one that will even helps you find information you have missed for activity.
Woo, nifty, thank you for bringing this back! Joule was much-missed.
I loaded this up and immediately felt that unique drama-filled indignance at being unfriended like I haven't felt since 2006! Seriously, though, thanks for whipping this up. :)

Deleted comment

Yup, that happened Tuesday, I'm fixing some errors and working with lj to resolve, shouldn't be more than a couple more days.